why us?

We are registered organization in Ghana and we operate as an NGO.

In 2010, a young man called Efo Sewornu realised numerous problems among his community and other surrounding villages such as teenage pregnancy,poor education for the less privileged,children,  school drop out,women related issues,poverty,hunger and environmental degradation.

Some of these problems are long standing but the government is far reaching these deprived communities.As a result,children and women are affected in a harmful way.

Efo thought of all the above problem and decided to research about the root causes of the problems hence the start up of Spreading Cultures to address some of these challenges in the communities.

Small changes with a big difference

We had our first volunteers in 2011, who joined hands with Efo to start building few projects: classrooms,farms and training of women in employable skills to support their families.

These projects goes long way and counting......it may seem small for you but big for them.

Join us lets make a change for the needy! 

Support our mission

 We want to make an everlasting change that will create a sustainable solutions leading to poverty alleviation. Little for you,Big for them....  

Be the change you want to see among the vulnerable

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